Release Notes

7.5.0 - June 2024

Powerful Access to Data Sources with RESTful API Adapters (beta)

Improved Validation of Quality Model Configuration

Extension of BTC Embedded Tester (ET) Adapter for older version

Extension of TPT HTML and XML Adapter

Data Details for the special SLReq adapter

7.4.0 - March 2024

Visualize BTC Embedded Tester (ET) Projects in MQC

Relations Between Findings in Data Details

Performance Improvements for Marking in Large Projects

Unified Naming of Base Measures of Dynamic Test Tools

Visualizations in Data Details Show NotLoaded and Missing

User Experience

7.3.0 - December 2023

Improve Testing Insights with Data Details for Dynamic Testing

Track Project Changes with Data Details Diff Mode

Data Details Configuration

Extension of TPT Tool Adapter: Support for Data Details

Extension of MTest Tool Adapter: Support for Data Details

User Experience

7.2.0 - September 2023

Collection and Aggregation of Data Details

Read Configuration Files from Git

Extension for Adapter API and Adapter Options

Extension of MXAM Tool Adapter: Support for Data Details

User Experience

7.1.0 - June 2023

Multiple Sets of Milestones

General Adapter Options for All Adapters

Many tool reports support the flexible configuration of content, meaning that the location and presentation of the same information may vary across different projects.

User Preferences for Display Options

Extended MXAM Tool Adapter: Support for Compressed MXMR Files

With MXAM v. 9.1, MXMR report files may be provided as zip archives.

Tool Adapter for JUnit, DotCover and CodeClimate

Additional Visualization Options for Heatmap, Sunburst, and Trend

New display options are available for the Heatmap, Sunburst, and Trend visualizations.


  • Weights By enabling weights, the columns and rows of the heatmap are sized according to the defined artifact and quality property weights. If the option is disabled, all columns and rows are shown in the same size. The quality calculation does not change based on this option.
  • Scrolling When there are numerous artifacts, scrolling can be enabled to activate a vertical scrollbar. If the option is disabled, the visualization is condensed to fit within the available space.
  • Labels The visibility of the labels can be changed with this option.


  • Interaction Should a click go into more details (Drilldown) or should it mark the items.
  • Labels The visibility of the labels can be changed with this option.
  • Values The visibility of the values inside the colored areas can be changed with this option.


  • Date Group Revisions can be grouped by Weeks, Months, Quarters or Years. The revisions can be collapsed or focused on based on these groupings.

Improved Visualization Performance for Huge Projects

User Experience

7.0.0 - March 2023

Multiple Visualizations on Quality and Data Page (Interactive Page Layout)

Saving, Loading, and Switching Page Layouts

Compact Toolbar with Actions, Options, and Information

Diff Pages Integrated into View Mode

Marking information and reset

Unified Visualization Options

Time Range Selection for Trend Visualizations

Streamlined Menu Depending on User Role

Improved Speed for File Import

Added Descriptions for TPT and MXAM Quality Model

6.3.0 - December 2022

Support for Git sparse checkout (Beta)

Load Setup Configuration into Create Project Dialog

Dark Mode for the whole User Interface

Improved Accessibility and Authentication Checks for Git Repositories

Extended Git Commit Filters

Background Updates of Git Repositories upon Opening Saved MQC Projects

Descriptions for Artifacts, Quality Properties and Their Structures

Saving of Dashboard Configuration

Save As for Annotations

Memory Consumption during Data Import Decreased

OpenID Authentication Support

User Experience

6.2.0 - September 2022

New Distribution Visualization including Milestones and Overall Quality/Availability

Automatic Data Update of Projects on MQC Server

Generic CSV / Excel Sheet Data Import Through Configuration

Multiple Annotation Files supported

User Experience

6.1.0 - June 2022

Artifacts and Quality in flexible structures

Selectable scope for visual quality assessment

Faster Data Import from Git

Predefined User Roles on MQC Server

General Table Adapter for Doors/DoorsNG Data Exports (Beta)

Updated Heatmap and Sunburst Visualizations

Separation of Model Architecture Guideline Results in MXAM MXMR Adapter

Loading and Exporting Project Structure and Target Configuration in Yaml

User Experience

6.0.0 - March 2022

Multiple Quality Models

Faster File Import and Transformations

Project Creation with Complete Configuration

Loading and Exporting Quality Models in Yaml

Tool Adapter for SL Requirement and SLReq Quality Model

User Experience

5.3.0 - December 2021

New Project Creation with Interactive Configuration

Multiple Git Repositories as one Data Source

Direct Access to MQC Showcase

MQC Server Installation Documentation

User Authentication by LDAP

User Experience

5.2.0 - September 2021

Visualization and Aggregation by Artifact Structure Levels

Sorting and Searching in Visualization

Improvements for Annotations

Tool Adapter for RTRT HTML Report and RTRT Quality Model

Extension of QAC XML Adapter

Extension of TPT Adapter

User Experience

5.1.0 - June 2021

Annotations for Quality Properties (Beta)

Multiple Human Readable Reports per Data File

Extension of TPT Adapter

Propagated Derived Measures

User Experience

5.0.0 - March 2021

Git as Source for Data (Beta)

Calculation and Visualization of Quality Differences

Quality Bin Configuration

Tool Adapter for TPT HTML Report Added

Tool Adapter for MXAM Excel Report Files Extended

Extended Quality Model Suggestions

User Experience

4.5.0 - December 2020

Configurable Dashboard

Tool Adapter for TPT XML Report and TPT Quality Model Extended

Fuzzy Rules for Action Calculation

Git as Source for Data (Alpha)

User Experience

Extension of the MQC Show Case

4.4.0 - September 2020

Action List (Beta)

Data Origins (Imported Data and Report Files)

Dashboard For Quick Overview (Beta)

Extended Overall Quality Visualization

More Compact Artifact Mapping

Tool Adapter for MXAM Excel Report Added

User Experience

Create New Project from MQC Web player

Export of the Setup Configuration

Export of Manual Excel Import Template

4.3.0 - June 2020

Tool Adapter API to Allow Custom Adapter Implementation

Tool Adapters for MXSuite, CTC++, and QAC Added

Significant Performance Improvement of Data Transformation Flow

User Experience

Extended Configuration Dialogs

Project Status Report Supports Multiple Measurements

MQC Branding and Landing Page

Backward Compatibility

4.2.0 - March 2020

Significant Import Time and Memory Reduction for Huge Data

User Experience

Availability of MQC Server and MQC Web Viewer/Editor

New Setup Configuration to define all configuration options

Improved Configuration of Quality Model and Project Structures

Data Details Drill Down Extended

Extended Configuration Dialogs

Project Status Report Export to PDF and Made More Compact

4.1.0 - December 2019

Extended Configuration Dialogs

Fine grained Configuration of Context Categories

Project Status Report Export to PDF and Made More Compact

Availability of Data Depends on Project Configuration

Visualization Enhancements

4.0.0 - September 2019

Generating a project status report in HTML

Context categories to configure expected data

Extended tool adapter: PolySpace (The Mathworks)

Additional tool page: PolySpace (The Mathworks)

Extended tool adapter: Time Partition Testing TPT (XML summary files)

Usability enhancements

3.5.0 - June 2019

Drill down from quality to detailed data

Artifact weighting in quality property aggregation

Quality status and quality model visualized by hierarchical heat map

Extended tool adapter: MES M-XRAY (XML files)

Additional tool page: MES M-XRAY

Additional tool page: MES Model Test Manager MTest

Extended tool adapter: Embedded Tester XML (BTC Embedded Systems)

Reduced memory consumption and run time during data import

3.4.0 - March 2019

Target value configuration for measures and quality properties

Quality property weighting in quality model aggregation

Quality model visualization by sunburst graphic

Additional tool adapter: PolySpace (The Mathworks)

Customizable pages for status and trend visualization

3.3.0 - January 2019

New Data Status page

Derived measure definition using measures from different data sources

Additional tool adapter: Embedded Tester (BTC Embedded Systems)

Additional tool adapter: Tessy (Razorcat)

Extended tool adapter: MES Model Examiner MXAM (MXMR files only)

Initial Page Export to Powerpoint or PDF

3.2.0 - October 2018

Set of data pages

Configuration of quality model

Set of quality pages

Configuration of project structure

Filtering according to all structures

Additional tool adapter: Time Partition Testing TPT (Piketec)

Tool adapter: MXAM, M-XRAY and MTest (MES)